Trophy or Treasure?

The topic of dating sites recently came up, and if you have ever experienced being on one the term “sorting wheat from chaff” takes on a whole new meaning. It can be more like cutting through jungle thicket with a machete at times. Well timed breaks can put the bounce back in your step, and readiness in mind. However there is another profile that needs to be written, not on a screen, but in your heart. You must first decide if you are a trophy or a treasure.

We have all seen trophies awarded at sporting events, and buried treasure depicted in stories about faraway lands.  When we focus on the words as adjectives, we can decide which one we identify more closely with.

Trophy conjures up the image of something won, conquered, displayed, collected, symbolic of achievement.  Although perceived as special, it suggests that its intrinsic value is in the displayable nature of what it is.  We don’t usually see much fuss made over someone’s small promotion, tiny home, non-descript car or average mate.  Show us something big, bold or beautiful, and you’ve got your trophy for all to see.

Treasure on the other hand is something much more tender and meaningful. The connotation of treasure is something of such significance and value that we cherish it. It is esteemed as rare and precious, irreplaceable and scarce.

For years I was happy collecting and being considered part of life’s trophies. It was easier to be topical and appreciated at a pseudo significant level. Things were obtained for the thrill of having them, often purchased with little thought. People were chosen as friends, bosses and lovers with no deep need for the kind of appreciation or love that I deserved to partake of. That is until I understood what treasure was really all about.

Treasure can be left undiscovered for years lying in its depths, and few can manage to stay the course until it it found. It is often over looked as something less worthy, perhaps veiled by a dusting of time or past neglect. Treasure by its very nature knows it’s own value. It waits not for someone else to attach meaning or significance to it.

The concept of buried treasure does not imply that it is unobtainable or too distant to find, but rather a thing of depth, beauty, and closeness to its own heart. With that self concept in mind, it allows us to go about living, loving, dating, working and collaborating with others from a place of freedom. We don’t need to have them define our worth and value, because we already know it! We show up in authenticity and let the experience unfold for the experiences sake.

Eventually the treasure you are will be recognized and prized, but it takes the pressure off of the recipients of our time if they are about filling life up with trophies instead. It’s okay! Admire them and enjoy them, just don’t become part of their display. Most importantly, don’t let it discourage, inhibit or alter your greatness. Not for one single moment.

My mother always said “there is a lid for every pot”.  You may just have to rummage through a bunch of cabinets to find it. When it fits, you will know it. Until then shine like the gem you were created to be, sharing your pearls of wisdom and nuggets of gold with those who understand and appreciate you, just the way you are.