Gratitude Matters

Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of Standing O! Encore. ❤️

I appreciate your support more than you know! “Look for the Good Project” puts the practice of Gratitude into schools – supporting children who may be dealing with toxic stress and issues at home. 💯 percent of the proceeds support this meaningful charity.

Creating an atmosphere of kindness and gratitude is impacting their lives. Just look at the video testimonials on their website:

As a 💥contributing author💥, and ghost writer 👻✍️ of many of the chapters, I am humbled and honored to have been part of this project.

For those who purchased a copy – THANK YOU! 🙏

👉 Would you please leave the book a great review on Amazon?

Your $15 makes a difference. And, hey, when I become famous someday, you can say you knew me when…. 😂.

These books make great gifts too!

So many influencers, founders, professional athletes, icons, and, yours truly, are featured. 😇

Thank you for giving back. (Don’t forget the review!). 😘🥰😁


Standing O! Encore: A book of gratitude for life lessons

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