About me

I am what I affectionately refer to as “a legacy New Jerseyan”, complete with an odd way of pronouncing the word coffee, and a devout loyalty to Taylor Ham.  (No, it isn’t just pork roll). Contrary to the popular belief that all we have are exit signs off the parkway, this little state is dripping with hidden gems. Lakes, streams, dense woods, open fields and sandy beaches provide wonderful escapes from my daily grind, and I enjoy them whenever I can.

I have a passion for writing, and as a fifty-something, divorced, career-oriented mother of two adult children, this blog is a fun space for me to be in, so thanks for joining me. My story is like so many stories, chock full of ups and downs, peaks and valleys, triumphs and tragedies. After a decade or so of trying to figure out how all of the pieces of my life could still fit together after so many were broken, I scrapped the jigsaw puzzle concept entirely, and decided to set the fragments into stepping stones along my path. Each one is unique, with some being wider or more challenging to navigate than others, depending upon the day.  They each share one common element.  They all move me forward, one foot in front of the other.

Not every story’s hero or heroine must accomplish staggering feats!  Most often, the hero of our own story is making his or her way, purpose driven, committed and steadfast.  There is true victory in the mundane, the everyday.  We just need a little coaxing or perspective from time-to-time to find and celebrate life’s little wins. Please come on in, come back often, and share your thoughts with me, as I share mine with you.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!