Under Construction

Are you under construction?

My recent injury makes me slow-going, but I notice more things.

There’s a sprawling contemporary set back on a large corner lot that’s been empty for years. The death of the owner with no heir meant it sat, overgrown, and neglected, much to the chagrin of the neighbors.

One day a for-sale sign appeared, with the expectation it would be leveled, cleared, and sold, given the terrible conditions.

To my astonishment, I’ve watched the painfully slow process of junk haulers, roofers, HVAC, siding, landscaping, and paving companies come every day. The new windows reveal a beautiful staircase, chandelier, and open layout.

This once abandoned eyesore is now the crown jewel of a simple street, adding massive value to those that fought against it.

It was restored to its inherent worth and beauty by the belief of ONE PERSON.

Your “structure” may be worn down; others attempt to undervalue you, creating doubt. You might feel close to scrapping it all.


It may take more time, hard work, and resilience you think isn’t in there. But it IS.

You don’t need a “buyer” to value you. The person you are waiting for is YOU.

Underneath the rubble of life is a structure of purpose and worth.

You CAN rebuild it.

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