The Art of Love

I spent the weekend at a lake, sitting in the sand watching the children play.

What stood out was their instinct to move in love. ❤️

They didn’t see skin color, ethnicity, or if they had one parent, two mommies, two daddies, or what brand of bathing suits they wore.

They saw a kid by himself and said, “Hey, come play with us!”

Two reached for the same pail and shovel, and instead of fighting, found a compromise.

“I’ll be the shoveler, and you be the builder!” Followed by “Ok, let’s switch!

This continued every few minutes as they moated, castled, and laughed.

Another boy and girl took turns jumping and chasing minnows, talking about being gentle, and not hurting the fish.

When the boy said, “you always make sense!” she gave him the sweetest hug and said, “you do, too!” Then they laughed and raced towards the ice cream truck.

Inside the human spirit are innate kindness, unabashed displays of affection, and innocent conversation.

Tolerance. Acceptance. Simplicity.

We don’t learn as we grow, we UNLEARN.

We may acquire knowledge, business acumen, wealth, status, and all sorts of things that grownups do. But, I would argue many adults have missed the mark.

Don’t let the world get into you.

Let the “real you” get back into the world.

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