Diamonds by the Yard

I have always loved “Diamonds by the Yard” necklaces. Each is priced based on how many carats of diamonds are on a certain length of chain. When it’s long enough it can be wrapped around the neck twice, or worn in a long cascade of sparkling luxury.

While I don’t actually own one of the physical type, I thought about the beautiful, and sometimes costly, gems that the past year has brought my way. These moments, when strung together, comprise the “real life” diamonds by the yard.

The quality of a diamond is gauged by the four “C’s” ~ Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. The clearer and more faceted the stone, the more brilliantly it catches the light. If it’s cloudy or not well-cut, it won’t matter how large it is, it will not be prized.

So it is with our life moments. Not all will reflect the brightest of days, and the price we may have paid could have left us scratching our heads or gasping for air. Interspersed though, were the moments of greatness where we shined like the sun.

ALL are equally valuable.

How you perceive them and choose to wear them is up to you. Even the bad stuff can carve facets in our soul that we may not even be aware of … yet.

Some of the most precious stones are formed from the greatest pressure.

You wear it well.