Bloom Where Planted

A reminder that we ARE able.

Not just to survive, but to thrive.

To bloom where planted, take root, and turn a seemingly desolate situation into fertile ground.

I sometimes still allow my mind to wander and dwell on what is in the past or worry about the future.

Yet both are out of my control.

Like a list that never allows an item to be struck from it, nothing is more tortuous once the process has begun.


Then, immediately replace them with something edifying, forward-thinking, and reach for a supportive lifeline if needed.

Hire an accountability partner if that’s what it takes! Then, pay it forward.

For those who have harnessed the power of their mind and subdued the dragon with regularity, I applaud you.

The mind is the battlefield. 🧠

We must intentionally wage war to disrupt the negative patterns and thoughts that run in the background.

❤️ With support.
❤️ With self-love.
❤️ With acceptance.
❤️ With accountability.
❤️ With humility.
❤️ With gratitude.
❤️ With thanks.
❤️ With faith.
❤️ With love.

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