I hopped off a call with my son’s friend, who lives in Texas. Finally, seeing some light at the end of a long, cold tunnel.

It’s a great analogy of the unforeseen circumstances that sometimes find us.

Storms of life come.

It’s not a question of IF they do.

It’s WHEN.

We can only prepare so much for the physical storms and the emotional storms that whip through our lives.

What we CAN consistently do is protect our “real” state ~ our state of mind.


By not being so shocked when the storms arrive.

By working on our resilience, mindset, adaptability, and resources while all is well.

All we can control is how we react while the world around us is chaotic.

Prayers for our friends and the communities of Texas and for anyone who may be weathering their own storm within the greatest state of all. The state of mind.

You’ve got this. ❤️

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