Media will soon flood with images and memories of one of the most horrific acts of terror we faced as a nation, a people, a world.

Parents, lovers, friends, and children hustled through today and tonight to make meetings, trains, practices, and bedtime.

They woke up to what was supposed to be an average, ordinary day – just like today.

Some kissed, and some didn’t.

Some parents rushed to get to daycare.

Some stressed about running late to work.

Some bickered, and some said, “I love you.”

ALL assumed that they would come together again at the end of another busy day.

It’s a reminder, not only of the tragedy of the past but of the importance of today.

It also represents a time when the world came together to support each other and spread compassion amid hatred.


As we remember the lives and families impacted tomorrow, let’s also try to remember the unity, love, courage, selflessness, and urgency that we all felt during the aftermath of 9/11.

We hugged our loved ones a little tighter that day. We saw people with no barriers, just a sense of purpose to help in ANY way we could.

This world needs us to come together again. We have done it before.

Let’s just do this thing called love.

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