Letting Go

At a local street fair, I saw a little girl shooting and popping bubbles from her light-up bubble blower.

As intense as she was, in a moment, something distracted her, and her toy was cast to the ground as she ran after her newfound interest with abandon.

Old me would have missed that moment.

Old me wouldn’t realize that somewhere along the way, we believed we must to cling to things post-expiration.

👉 Post-Joy.👈

Now, I’m not advocating throwing the important things in life to the wind, but rather, the cares, burdens, and expectations.

The things that weigh us down or hold us back, physical or mental.

Why can’t we let them go? Moving on to what lies ahead without a care or thought, just like that little girl?

It was a beautiful example of how we know instinctively to drop what doesn’t serve us, now balanced with the knowledge of being a responsible adult.

Just, hopefully, not too much.

Live joyfully. ❤️

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