I know, I know—this may sound negative or gross. But, stay with me, here. And yes, that’s a big boy around my neck a few years back.

We give these reptiles a bad rap.

We associate them with sneaky, evil things. From way back in the Garden of Eden—the snake has had a negative connotation. We even have slang terms like “it’s snake oil” or “a snake in the grass.”

Some of them are indeed poisonous—but many aren’t harmful and keep other, dirtier rodents at bay. Actually and metaphorically speaking.

But the thing I like?

Dare I even say ENVY?

Its ability to shed its skin.

As it grows, evolves, matures, adapts to its environment, its ability to molt—leaving a wisp of what it once was behind—is astounding.

If only…

It may be uncomfortable. It might take a long time. Perhaps the snake is vulnerable to predators during this period.

Yet, it’s part of the process.

As humans, we can’t shed our physical skin—but if we dare, we can shed an outer layer of another kind.

Are we willing?

Or, do we find it easier to stay within the constraints of lifestyles, careers, acquaintances, beliefs, habits, stories, and old versions of self we have long outgrown, despite our inner-person busting to get out?

The Bible even speaks of not putting new wine into old wineskins. Yet, I struggle with it, and maybe you do, too.

Today, embrace the concept of shedding—releasing the old to make room for the new.

🐍 Shed the shame.

🐍 Shed the guilt.

🐍 Shed the blame.

🐍 Shed the anger.

🐍 Shed the hurt.

🐍 Shed the fear.

🐍 Shed the limiting beliefs.

🐍 Shed the naysayers.

🐍 Shed those who tolerate you.

🐍 Shed the comparisons.

🐍 Shed things that steal joy.

🐍 Shed the darkness.

🐍 Shed wants—focus on needs.

🐍 Shed the scarcity mentality.


What would you add to this list?

Make it a beautiful week.


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