I know, I know. It may or may not exist somewhere in the world of quantum physics, although I’d like to believe it does.

I watched a movie called “The Adam Project” on Netflix—and while the sci-fi geek in me loved the concept, characters, and storyline—something unexpected happened.

Something more.

Despite the plot holes and amid the fantastic soundtrack, I got the message,




No, this isn’t a total spoiler alert, simply a quote. For you see, “Young Adam” had a few issues. Okay, maybe more than a few. Only to find that what “Grown Adam” chose to remember in his past wasn’t the truth that served his future self. It was merely an easier feeling and interpretation to grasp at that time.

It sometimes feels better to choose and cling to different emotions than the ones we really feel—it’s easier to digest and regurgitate to the world. We aren’t doing wrong—we just don’t know any better.

Let me suggest that time travel indeed exists—within our hearts, minds, and memories. And even the bad ones are messengers to our future selves. It’s a gift, albeit exquisitely painful at times, to have the opportunity to view things through a different, more honest lens.

We can choose to revisit the past fueled by our anger, fear, and regret or with compassion, understanding, and love. Knowing that each of those who went before us did the very best they could with what they knew.

Including US.

Older Adam sums it up best as he stares his younger self in the eye:

“I spent 30 years trying to get away from the me that was you. And I’ll tell you what, kid. I hate to say it, but you were the best part all along.”

There are no accidents in life. And as I sat on my couch hushing my barking dog with tears streaming down my face, I knew. I knew that I, and many of you, may have done the same thing, too.

So let me be the first to tell you (and me) today:

“You were the best part all along.”

Sending love.


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