It’s easy to say the wrong things right now, so many people are choosing to say nothing.

Remain neutral. Try not to offend.

Other people are upset by that lack of engagement—the quiet. Remaining silent is still saying something.

Do we see the division even in regards to camp, “what to say or not ?”

This is the underlying disease.


It’s not political. It’s societal.

There will always be a party, a person, socioeconomic status, or a faction to blame.

There is always someone or something to blame.

Of the countless numbers of people lost to hate crimes, unnecessary violence, acts of war, terror, or bullying, what do we believe the call to action would be IF those innocent people could speak to us?

Each of them, one by one?

Would they want justice, equality, dignity, cause awareness, and peaceful protest until their voices were heard from beyond the grave?

Probably yes.

But, would they cry out to kill more? Hate more? Blame more? Be more violent in the name of justice? Stereotype more? Turn on one another in their name?

I’m not so sure. Maybe some. But, likely, not all. Most were pretty peaceful people according to what loved ones said about them.

There will ALWAYS be the ability to focus on what is very wrong, and there’s a ton right now.

What we need are the warriors determined to find what IS right. Somewhere. And be willing to dive into the societal muck to retrieve it, expand it, organically grow it and understand that there are wounds that never healed.

Underneath anger and rage is fear.

Underneath fear is hurt.

The response to the anger is outrage. Understandable.

If we peel back the layers to the hurt, we can treat the wound appropriately.

With compassion and an attempt to understand the helplessness someone else may be feeling.

Even in our quest to do “better” with “diversity and inclusion” initiatives, aren’t we just pointing out the differences between humans?

We shouldn’t need such action.

We are one people.

We shouldn’t need an “initiative” to have diversity in our organizations!

The very focus ON the title, to me, smacks of the problem. NOT the solution.

Just as the “feminist movement” keeps the disparity between men and women alive.

The answer is so simple here.

When you hire, fall in love, make a friend, choose a partner, engage in discussion about “taboo” topics like religion, policies, and race, can’t we just see PEOPLE?

Can’t we be curious, understand, and agree to disagree if that’s the case? Why must it all be so hate-filled?

Can’t we just make sure someone is qualified for a job based on the skills needed to perform? Regardless of sex, orientation, race, religion, or age?

Can’t we simply understand that evil is NOT one group of people?

Is it more pervasive in specific “hate” groups or individuals that target innocent people? Yes.

But, not EVERY other person on the planet associated with that demographic means harm!

Good people and not good people come in all colors, from all ethnic backgrounds, religions, and communities.

When children are little, they play with anyone. They run freely to any child on the playground, in the sandbox, at the park.

They don’t care if the little boy or girl has old clothes or new clothes, light skin or dark skin, or if their parents wear traditional cultural garments or a suit and tie.

They just see the potential for a new friend. Most of the time, that plan works out fine. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Want to fix the world?

Be careful what you plant in the minds of kids. This goes for behaviors as well. Believe me.

They are sponges, who take the lead from each of us.

They aren’t born hating people of a certain race, or police officers, or those who don’t share their religious or political view.

They are shaped. By what they see and hear – inadvertently or intentionally.

If we spend as much time teaching children to look for the GOOD in people as we do allowing them to see us pointing fingers, blaming, and sharing our viewpoints aloud, this world has a chance of self-correcting.

There is socioeconomic disparity.

There is privilege.

There is poverty.

There are hate crimes

There is a power addiction.

There are irresponsible people at every turn. There will always be.

But there are also those who care.

Who give back.

Who truly hear people.

Who love people.

Who want healing.

Who want change.

Who want peace.

Who serve and protect.

Who see souls, not skin color.

Who believe that light can dispel darkness.

Find and focus on THOSE people.

If someone stays quiet right now, please don’t judge them. Be thankful you have the courage to speak up.

If someone speaks up right now, please don’t react if you disagree. Don’t add kerosine to a raging fire. Freedom of speech is a thing.

If someone seems unaffected and “business as usual” and it offends you, please don’t take it personally. It may be how they cope.

If someone isn’t focused on things they usually are, and you are irritated, please consider they may be overwhelmed and shutting down.

As in all things, the only control we have is over ourselves.

Look through the lens of compassion.

It doesn’t mean you have to agree.

It means you make room for people to be who they are and offset it by not adding to the ancillary violence and hate.

Division and hate are evil.

Meeting wrong with more wrong isn’t ever going to make things right.

It’s not about us being heard. It’s about hearing others.

Seek first to understand.

United, we stand.