High Voltage

It was 8:05 pm after a long day. I needed dinner and lunch for work. The grocery store was usually open till 10 pm.

In a boot, on crutches, I painfully hobbled a considerable distance in the heat (past many people, including an employee) towards the entrance.

“We closed at 8!” a young girl snapped sharply at me through her floral print mask while tapping the sign with her long fingernails. 😳

Let’s face it; people are stressed.

They are scared, tired, angry, anxious, and fraught with emotion.

It’s a high voltage situation, and without proper grounding, it’s dangerous.

Think of a lightning rod redirecting the electrical current.

Be the person who DEFLECTS, not reflects.

👉 Swallow a terse response.

👉 Relinquish the parking spot.

👉 Smile despite complaints.

👉 Lend a hand without being asked.

👉 Thank those who help you.

👉 Take a deep breath and walk away.

Meeting chaos and hostility with benevolence serves you and the world.

I had a bowl of Cheerios and went to bed, grateful that all I said was, “Thank you, have a nice night.”

Perspective is in high demand and short supply.

Be kind. ❤️

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