Inside Out

In the landscape of isolation we must not forget the value of connection.

Slowing down to make time for the seemingly random people that cross our paths.

“We don’t love qualities, we love persons; sometimes by reason of their defects as well as their qualities.” ~ Jacques Maritain

When you strip away all of life’s trappings, an individual”s idiosyncrasies, quirks and shortcomings, you will find the heart and soul of the human before you.

Learn to see inside out.

It is amazing the depth of feelings that reside in another’s eyes.

Joy, sorrow, pain, calm, fear, defeat, victory and acceptance ~ so many emotions interwoven, waiting to be shared, with a lesson imbedded somewhere in the rubble.

Their story is for the taking, and the experience of connecting is a blessing.

👉 They may not be for you.

👉 They may not be against you.

👉 They may have everything or nothing to give.

But, perhaps for one ordained moment in time, they are with you.

Be present. Don’t lose the moment.

The one who may be changed could very well be you.

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