Love language

“The essence of life is to communicate love.” Words of wisdom from my teabag. It’s not always easy to communicate love.

It may be easier when someone else is loving up on us, showing heaps of appreciation – and making us feel like we are a priority in their lives. Then, love seemingly flows.

Love IS a feeling, but its also a choice. A verb, an action word, and a language we CAN learn to speak regardless of what we receive back.


Love goes first. Always.

Remember rocks, paper, scissor or flipping coins to determine who went first when you were little?

Well, love doesn’t play those games.

Love takes the choice away.


When love moves first, it has no knowledge of what the outcome will be, or the data of past experience.

It’s a conscious decision to keep moving forward while loving ourselves despite our mistakes, loving others amid their anger or ignorance, and loving the world from a collective place.

👉 This sounds “woo woo.”

👉 This means “feeling” screwed.

👉 This suggests being a doormat.

NONE of the above is true.

Many religions and precepts are founded on a core belief of love.

Gentleness of spirit while creating and maintaining sound boundaries, uncompromising morals, and quality of inner circle relationships.

If you feel screwed by someone, then you are screwed. That’s a choice you make to believe that narrative.

Did they screw you or reject you?

Rejection is part of ego, and ego doesn’t run on love.

As for being a doormat, some of the healthiest, strongest and most successful, forward-thinking people I know base almost every action on the energy they put out into the world.

They let the negative slide right off and keep meeting it with love.

Are they “woo woo?” Nope.

Are they sitting at home their polishing halos after work? Nada.

They simply grasp the concept that life is energy and what we put out comes back, sometimes in spades.

Put out what you want to receive.

It’s starts within YOU and overflows to the world around you. No matter how small your world may seem.

Imagine a world fluent in the language of love?

You are a student in life’s classroom. The lesson is there for the learning.


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