Jumping to Conclusions

Ah, yes. Many of us become marathoners when it comes to jumping to conclusions.

The assumptions we create about what someone else thinks or feels can wreak havoc in our minds.

Mainly when we make situations about 𝘜𝘚.

Staying neutral isn’t an easy thing to do. You swear someone gave you “that look” or put up a post that seemed to mirror your exact situation.

Here’s the good news. Even if you are right, it’s still got nothing to do with YOU!

One of my new favorite sayings and beliefs is “you are right” because, in all fairness, everyone is.

You have your opinion and experience, and I have mine.

❤️ When they align, it’s fantastic.

❤️ When they don’t, we can disagree without judgment.

So, armed with this perspective, doesn’t it make sense that even IF the conclusion we are jumping to is true~they are upset, disappointed, not interested, or rude, and so on…

What difference does it make?

How someone reacts to you is none of your business.

I’m not advocating showing up in a mean or underhanded way. I’m saying you are who you are at any given moment in time.

And people will react to how they perceive the circumstance to be. You can only control yourself.

If you hold a grudge, the next encounter will surely be tainted, and not all people want to “hash things out.”

So, the next time you show up and “try” and receive the bristling sensation that something went awry, know that you may be right.

But it’s okay because so are they.

Jump to the other side of that blessed conclusion and let it all go.


#inspiration #encouragement #acceptance #beyou #mindset #nojudgement #uncoach #loveoneanother

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