This Friday, my heart looms heavily, as many others may still feel. There are new anxieties mixed with a sense of sadness for the lives lost, not just that fateful day but months and years later as part of the fallout of this tragic event.

Many say that we have forgotten. I’m not sure a society forgets something of this magnitude.

Not everyone may know someone personally impacted, but as a collective, on some level, we understand that the whole of humanity suffered losses too numerous to articulate.

Today may not be the typical “Fortune Friday,” but 𝘐𝘚 a call to action to appreciate the blessing of life that we have.

To exemplify the best of human behavior by reaching out to someone who is hurting, squeezing your loved ones a little tighter, and spreading love like confetti in a windstorm.

Because 20 years ago tonight, parents tucked kids into bed and flopped down in exhaustion, never realizing it would be for the last time.

Twenty years ago tonight, some people argued, some kissed, others made plans and promises that remain unfulfilled to this day.

And although many were complete strangers, they all had something in common. They all believed that the 𝘕𝘌𝘟𝘛 day would be an ordinary, average one.

I don’t need to pull a fortune out of a cookie or bag to tell you what is on my heart.

Love one another.

Forgive one another.

Appreciate one another.

In whatever way you can, for however long, you can. Text, call, stop by or send a prayer.

Breathe in the smell of those you love and let it fill you up to capacity. Take a long, slow look around and remember.

Remember the past.

Remember to be present.

Remember to be grateful.

May we never forget.


#loveoneanother #neverforget #911anniversary #unitedwestand #spreadlove #unity #godblessamerica #uncoach

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