Oh baby!

I recently had the pleasure of being with a beautiful newborn baby, just hours old. It’s been over twenty years since the last time I had the opportunity to do so.

Although the baby is remarkable in terms of physical looks and alertness, what captured me was the depth of soul in his eyes.

As a parent I was captivated by my own newborn children, but at that time never grasped how profound the gaze of a newborn child can be.

It was a connection so clear that I could feel the love, peace, trust and presence emanating from him. The depth of his dark eyes was limitless, and in those few minutes I felt like a piece of God Himself was right there, in my arms. It was surreal.

I wasn’t ready for such an experience in my younger years, so the moment was lost on me. Like most young parents, and people, we don’t operate at that level of awareness. It’s something that is honed over time, sought after and worked on.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I’ve never felt more strongly about that sentiment. When we let life crowd us, purity dissipates.

I hope that someday I can experience that joy again. I never felt closer to Heaven than at that moment. Not because of happiness or feelings, but because the baby was still tethered to its true home and I was open to receiving it.

There really is a peace that passes all understanding. A place where a sage becomes new, and enters into the physical plane. The window is fleeting, but the reassurance I received that something so great is in control made an indelible mark on me.

If you ever get the chance to be there, really BE there, you won’t leave the sane as when you arrived.

A heartfelt thank you to the family for sharing such a sacred time. They may not understand it yet, but maybe twenty years from now they will.

I know that I left strengthened by, and connected to a love so pure, it took my breath away, and for this hurting soul it was a healing balm. Even if just for a moment.

God shows up in the simple moments. It’s up to us to have eyes to see it.

My wish for you is that somehow you do.

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