Open Doors

Sometimes in life, doors seem to supernaturally open. We find that to be a wonderful blessing. We delight, revel, bask and feel thankful. However, sometimes doors supernaturally close as well. When that occurs, we don’t usually list it on the positive side of life’s balance sheet.

We often feel betrayed, upset, annoyed or overlooked when this occurs. It may not make sense to us, and we can spend countless hours, days and even years trying to understand the “why” behind it all.

The amazing thing is that so often the door closes because a better situation awaits us. It may remain unclear for a season or so, but the sooner we embrace the change and begin to seek out the positive within it, the faster we come to see that it can be a blessing as well.

Like eaglets being pushed out of the nest, we may never choose to leave that circumstance on our own. Yet by staying within it, we may not get a chance to rise up to the next level reaching our new personal best.

If a situation changes abruptly and leaves you feeling cold, remember that we cannot control the circumstance. We can however control how we react to it, handle it, and embrace it with a determined spirit. There is a saying “We can go through it, or grow through it.” The choice is always ours to make.

I am thankful for many of my unanswered prayers and closing doors in life. It’s during challenging times we need to remember that by letting go of what appears to be so good, we make room for something great instead. 

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