I love using analogies for everyday things. I have a simple skin care routine that I have followed since I was a girl. Products come and go, and although I have deviated from time to time, I always seem to come back to my straightforward routine.

My favorite step is the exfoliation process. I use an apricot facial scrub which is completely refreshing and invigorating. I use it almost daily, and the feeling of the skin being buffed away is amazing. The soft, fresh glow afterwards is remarkable. It takes some practice using a scrub and nothing happens overnight, but after a few weeks of consistent application the results are well worth the effort.

As I was exfoliating this morning, I thought of God’s plan for us. I was reminded that difficulties we face in life are abrasive in nature. Although we may not see it at the time, God can use them to buff the dead, dull layer on the surface of our hearts in order to reveal the softness underneath. If we accept and embrace the situation, He can use it for our greater good, and strip away all the impurities that keep the glowing parts of us hidden. It may not be an easy process, but it can be an effective one.

The scrub hastens the process of revealing the new layers, instead of waiting for the cycle to run its course. This allows us to achieve faster results and healthier skin. So it is with our hearts. Even good daily routines can benefit when God quickens the process using the everyday struggles and trials that we face. With consistent application of perseverance and patience, the trials can become our triumphs.


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