Food for Thought

Each place I turned today, social media, my devotional, random conversation, even in my bosses’ office, the word ‘habit’ came up, over and over again. Usually for me, that’s a sign. Most often it’s a warning sign that I am not paying enough attention to something, in this case my habits.

I thought about some of my habits as I drove home. Exercising, eating, and even my sleeping could all use improvement. However, the one habit that put a lump in my throat once I touched on it was my thinking. What do I choose to think about? What thoughts am I allowing to penetrate my imagination, heart and conversations?

There is truth in the saying “As a man thinks, so he becomes”. Yet, sometimes we choose to dwell on things that do nothing to serve our best self. We allow others to share their thoughts about us, taking the words so personally they even flavor our interactions with others.

It can be a faith goal, a work goal, or a general life goal – but thinking about things that are good, pure, lovely, healthy, wholesome, and beautiful is a habit that we should turn into a discipline. 

If we were to prepare a delicious meal for ourselves using stale, rotten, bland, bitter, or inappropriate ingredients, how could we expect a good outcome? How would we be able to share that meal with others?

If Julia Child were to create a recipe for happiness, I firmly believe that she would incorporate equal parts of self love, kindness and compassion. She would throw in a large measure of faith, and add a few heaping spoons of wisdom, gratitude and humility. She would mix these things lovingly together, placing them with care into a good, solid vessel, and she would watch them cook and meld together, so that the outcome was of good report.

Choosing to dwell on the good ingredients in our lives, and watching our thoughts by meditating on what is of true value can change the very essence of who we are. This way the person we experience and get share with others doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste.

Bon Appetit !









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