Closed for Repairs

Some days, months or even years of life are too hard to make sense of. We may not face truly life altering situations such as loss of loved ones, disease or bankruptcy, but we struggle to understand our circumstances nonetheless. It is also in these times that we see our own strength.

It’s instinctual to fight through, but what we may not understand is that sometimes it is okay to just sit down and catch our breath in between the rounds. Our passion may be misguided, and our frustrations mount as a result of not being able to find our way out of, or create solutions for our current problems.

We should learn to look at such times as seasons. Seasons come and go. Some are warm and inviting, and some are raw and harsh. Whatever season we may be in, there IS an expected end.  Even the coldest of winters eventually gives way to the renewal of spring.

Seasons signify change, a re birth of sorts. Spring in particular is a season of bloom, of rain, and a season of growth. It prepares us for the vibrancy and heat of summer, easing us into the warmth, and out of all that was bitter cold.

When we are hurting and seeking relief, it’s a good time to reflect and take a look inside for any repairs and adjustments that are needed. Often we react to current situations as a result of residue from old experiences, wounds or fears left unattended to. Maybe a heart underwent a strong pruning, and it is a season of restoration as it waits for the re growth of good fruit.

It is okay to be on the sidelines of life, watching, learning, absorbing and catching our breath. Although the aftermath of a harsh season may bring with it a feeling of uncertainty, underneath the remnants of the cold, solid ground are all of the beautiful blossoms and blooms. The landscape WILL eventually change. The trees will fill in, the birds will return, the gardens will grow, and the world will yield its softness once more.

So our hearts and minds will do the same, in keeping with the universal ebb and flow of life. As I wait, I remind myself that it is well with my soul. To err is human, and to be led by emotions happens to all of us, and signifies that we truly care. However, it may also be time to hit the pause button, and close for repairs.

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