Facets and Flaws

We all have facets and flaws, just like diamonds. Our color and clarity may vary from person to person, time to time, but we are all gems nonetheless.

Sometimes our facets and flaws are one in the same, the dichotomy within us. The very things that often propel us into moments of awesomeness or accomplishment can also cause us to barrel into situations at full speed, focusing so much on the moment at hand, that we may disregard the signals along the way designed to assist us.

The wonder of life is that things unfold in spiritual ways from time to time. A connection, experience or thought may be ‘universally ordained’, causing us to feel a stirring within ourselves. These universal gifts are beautiful, and when aligned in the right way can bring us and others so much joy and pleasure.

The problem occurs when we begin to overlay the human experience and plug into our own source energy, rather than the greater and higher one. We begin to draw from our own will and agenda. Sometimes in our zeal, excitement, imagination and good intent, we get so caught up in ourselves we don’t realize the shift has occurred. We are being selfish in our actions without even realizing it.

As an empathic and emotional person, I sometimes invest too much energy than a situation warrants. This makes me vulnerable to my own character defects. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I find my desire for whatever it may be overides my better judgment, despite the warning signs along the way. It’s a human experience we all share.

What happens when the universe decides to plunk a giant “STOP” sign right in front of you? For reasons you may never know or understand, something comes to a screeching halt, no matter how much you wanted it, or how good your intent was in seeking it out.

My experience has been feeling bewildered while my petulant inner child begins her work of over thinking, over communicating, and over emoting. I become my own worst enemy instead of my greatest fan. The process takes on a life of its own, and before I know it, the original trigger is only a small portion of the real issue. I plugged into my own source energy, and out of the higher power.

On our own, our character defects, whatever they may be, have more ability to come to the forefront of our operating systems. In our attempt to satiate them, we continue to follow their agenda, sometimes sensing inner conflict. This is often an indication that for “right now” something may not be in alignment with where we need to be.

In contrast, when we plug into the higher source energy, we find that things which we tap into leave us with no bitter aftertaste to deal with. We have the ability and inner strength to keep our character defects at bay, and remain in the spiritual component of things; enjoying the connection, experience or thought process in the way it was intended to be.

After a universal red light, my inner child stomps, storms and has her way for a while, until I choose to ask for help. No matter what religion, belief system, or faith you may follow, I believe that a fervent plea for assistance is always met with a swift response from the universe. I struggle with my faith sometimes, yet when I ask for rescue from my own thoughts, it is always granted.

If the signals along the way are green, then go, go, go! If by chance you or anyone else should pause, take note and check the signals around you, making sure the source energy is still the right one.

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