Objects in the Mirror

“Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”. It’s a U.S. safety warning and something we experience everyday, yet give little thought to. This phenomenon also occurs when we look at life through the mirrors in our minds. They show us things which are behind us, and often the views become quite distorted over time.

We may be tired, worn out, or mentally exhausted when we glance at the mirror. Our frame of mind makes it look as if what is behind us was terrible, taxing, or so hurtful. It causes us to redirect and avoid the current situation and miss something great right in front of us. That backward glance can keep us steeped in the negative emotions attached to a previous experience.

Similarly, we may glance at our mirror during a moment when our minds are reflective, searching, open and soft. It may create feelings of remorse, guilt, yearning or dissatisfaction with the present because the memory seems better than it was in reality. Worse yet, we may feel compelled to live today in order to “fix” yesterday leaving tomorrow confined, restrained and unable to manifest in its purest, truest sense.

In either scenario, the objects of our mind and memory appear closer to us than they really are. The mirrors in our minds, like on our cars, are there to guide and assist us as we move forward. When used properly, they aid in a better view of what is around us, so that we are not completely immersed in life’s “blind spots”. However they cannot be relied upon for accuracy, as the view is always distorted in one way or another.

Let a glance in the mirror serve to heighten awareness of what is surrounding us presently, such as things to avoid, follow, or see. Be warned of the distortion associated with the view, as they are flawed by design.  The only true way to move forward is to keep our eyes fixed straight ahead, our hearts fixed upward, and our minds open to what the universe has in store for us, one moment at a time.

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