Adversity is a “pack animal”. It often travels along with uncertainty, fear, self-doubt and other negative feelings. While adversity may never be considered a friend, it does not have to be quite the foe we think it is.

In order to subdue the “pack”, we need to assert dominance over the Alpha. By viewing adversity as an opportunity for change, we strip it of its power. Change, although uncomfortable, gives us back the power to choose.

With the power to choose, we can take control of the pack and break down those negative feelings with realistic goals, a clear vision of the changes we want to make and the steps we need to take to put them into action. When this occurs, the paralyzing effects of the pack are greatly reduced.

It is a process we may seek to avoid, but the only constant in this world IS change. Adversity is part of the changes we make, forced or otherwise, and is often the pre-cursor to the things we desire most. Nothing worth having or fighting for comes along without it.

Shift your perspective and you will shift your outcome.

Adversity = opportunity to change.

Change = the power to choose.

Power = emotional freedom.

Be the Alpha.

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