Bad Ass

I recently attended a wine pairing event in the city to enjoy some big bold selections in a class aptly named “Bad Ass Reds”. I’d like to think if I were a wine, that would be me, a Bad Ass Red.

My thought for today: find your Bad Ass! Recall a moment, a time period, even a projection in your mind when your inner Bad Ass came out to play. Not in a negative way or association, but in a confident, playful, self-assured way. Whenever you are out of sorts, feeling less than your remarkable self, tap into that moment! Make it the focal point in your mind and let that feeling flow right through you.

Inside ALL of us is an inner Bad Ass, able to boldly go where the meeker version cannot seem to fathom. With a strut, a smile, a firm handshake, a warm embrace and an attitude of “Here I am in all my unique glory!”

Life and it’s challenges, circumstances or influences can bury your inner Bad Ass, stripping away those facets of greatness and dimming your inner glow. Surround yourself with people who build you up and bring out that bold, brilliant side of Authentic You.


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