The Hallway

There is a common saying in life: “When one door closes, another door opens”.  My reply to that statement is “Well, that’s fine, but what about the hallway?”

The hallway is often overlooked and misinterpreted by many. The hallway is the waiting. It can be long and boring, or worse, dark and frightening. Going through each door is easy enough, it’s getting to the next one where the challenge often lies.

Taking life moment by moment, not day to day, can help us navigate the time we spend in the “hallways” of life; and one moment in time can change everything! Right, left, forward or backward, what can assist our moral compass to direct our steps?

There are moments in life that just “feel” right. The person, the experience, the opportunity, the conversation, the thought or feeling resonate within us, letting us know the connection and moment is special. Pay close attention to those moments, as they occur when the soul aligns with ITS’ journey, not necessarily the journey WE have planned for ourselves.

Like little map dots, they can help plot the course of where we are to be, and what we are called to do. Whether ordinary or extraordinary, we all have a purpose here on our journey. Don’t fear or resent the hallways, embrace them. They are filled with transforming moments that define and shape our character. Understand and revere the power of a moment, as each one is a new beginning. Every moment offers a choice and a new chance to be who you are destined to become.

Most of all remember, if you can’t seem to find the door inside your current hallway, it may be a window that you are supposed to crawl through! Keep your mind, eyes and options open.

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