Keep it Real

Authenticity: noun. “The quality of being authentic.”

Synonyms: genuineness, legitimacy, validity. Webster’s says “worthy of acceptance or belief based on fact, not false. True to one’s own personality, spirit or character.”

What stands out to me in the above is “quality of being authentic” and “worthy of acceptance”.

We are all unique, like thumb prints and snowflakes. One could never be exactly like another. The beauty of our individuality can be diminished by a world that increasingly seeks stereotypes as they are easier to fit into pre existing roles and models.

Perhaps our self acceptance gets challenged when we allow the feedback or reaction of others to pierce our hearts, thoughts and minds. We may not be completely embraced, may be considered an option instead of a priority, or perhaps even snubbed for not meeting someone else’s expectation. Stay in your lane, and true to who you are.

Sometimes coming face to face with authenticity scares people, as it forces them to operate on a much different level.

Authentic people don’t mind taking the high road, lifting others up and engaging fully. They embrace change, life and other people with verve, zest and zeal. They are unfettered in their expression because they have nothing to mentally keep track of.

It’s all truth, up front, and very, very real.

Understanding their core beliefs, they live by their own moral compass and love nothing more than to bring others along by imparting honest feedback if requested. They share their joy, wisdom, passion, fears, excitement, encouragement, compassion, and live each day to connect in an intuitive and meaningful way. They recognize budding authenticity in others and seek to draw it out.

Such people can be misconstrued, misunderstood and mistaken for other things, even perceived as overwhelming at times.

Take heart as the people who aren’t overwhelmed by you will cherish you instead. Wait for them as they are part of your tribe.

Interestingly, the care and keeping of someone in tune with their inner self is quite easy. Accept and love them for who they are and they will embrace you, bringing you to levels of self acceptance that you never knew you could achieve. They have no other agenda but to seek and bring out the best in you, their assigned role, or a group they are a part of.

They are a gem of many facets, a treasure.

Celebrate your authentic self right now, even just as a quiet thought. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. A brilliant light which shines in a world struggling with identity crisis and darkness. You are one of a kind, more than enough, and worthy of acceptance just the away you are. Should you not find it, force yourself to move on. Be celebrated, not just tolerated.

Never change yourself to fit into someone else’s mold.

Keep going forward, connecting, touching, blessing and lifting others up simply because you can. YOU know who you are, so encourage yourself regardless of what others may think.

Your gift to the world is imbedded within your animated, dichotomous, multi-faceted and awesome way of being.

Let it out, let it go and watch it grow. It was never meant to be contained.

While you are at it, keep it real.

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