Whole Hearted

Saint Valentine, Hallmark”s hero and the patron saint of florists everywhere. Images of Cupid and his arrows have swirled in our heads from the time we were little children carefully choosing our boxes of Valentine cards for our classmates.

Some cheer while others sneer at this day. While many sit simply with memories of their special someone no longer beside them. Women and men all over the world think about love, or the lack thereof in their lives, measuring it up against the next person. It’s a day we notice floral deliveries in our office, perhaps secretly feeling sad if we didn’t get one. With such an emphasis on an outward display of inward emotion, people’s reaction to it can run the gamut.

But Valentine’s Day can and should be so much more. Both George Benson and Whitney Houston sang about it in the song entitled “The Greatest Love of All”.

We can use today as the marker and starting point of our journey on the road to self-love. What a beautiful world this would be if our children, friends, parents, siblings and partners were all the recipients of our best selves because we took the time to love ourselves deeply.

Self love isn’t self centered or conceited, nor is it about vanity. In its highest form it’s actually a gift to others as we serve from a state of overflow.I t teaches others how to treat and honor us, and invites us to invest in ourselves. We begin to take the time needed to understand and respect our most intimate parts, so that our completed selves can bless others. We accept our imperfections, and move from a place of authenticity and gentleness. You are never truly without love if you have love for yourself deep inside of you. 

The heart that really matters on this day is your very own. If it hurts may you find healing. If it’s hardened, softness. If it’s lonely may comfort find you from within, and if it’s full may you feel compelled to share it. Pour out your kindness on those who may need a dose of good medicine.

This day is not reserved for lovers only. It’s a pivot point for those determined to find and share the greatest love of all.

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