Witchy Woman?

For all my fellow music lovers, this is not about the song performed by the Eagles. It is however a shout out to the wonderful attribute of intuition. Today I had an “aha moment” which confirmed my own intuition about a situation was right on point. Women by nature are more instinctual and in touch with something deep inside. That’s not to say a man can never be intuitive, as he certainly can be, but it just comes easier to us females.

What I have noticed is that the world will do it’s best to dim down the gut feelings we have almost on a daily basis, causing us to doubt. I am not suggesting that every time we feel or sense something we react, as that’s not the prudent thing to do. A better habit to form would be to take our intuition seriously enough to pause, perhaps even writing our thoughts down. If there is no danger or other reason to act immediately, take some time to research and probe around the idea. Pairing our natural instincts with our intellect and reason is a powerful combination. Don’t be afraid to use it, and spend time developing it. 

The light may go on instantly or over a period of time. When you just can’t put your finger on it, but you know something is not quite right, heed your inner voice. We live in a day where things like mindfulness and universal law are widely accepted, touted and sought after. Yet a woman’s intuition is often chalked up to emotion or lack of rationale. A female executive may say to her male counterpart that there is something she just does not like about a potential candidate they are considering. The person may look perfect on paper, have interviewed flawlessly, yet she senses something which tells her it’s not a good fit or hire. She can’t really justify it, so it may be dismissed. Don’t be put off by any bias as it relates to your sixth sense. It’s not spooky, odd or witchy, it’s wonderful!

About a year ago my inner voice spoke to me regarding a very important decision, yet I let facts, others opinions, and even my own desire to give chances and ‘people please’ cloud my decision making. In my gut I knew it was the wrong thing for me, but in the absence of a quantifiable reason why, I over-rode my intuition. By the time my light went on I was knee deep in something I could not undo.  Rationalization can often be the nemesis of discernment.

Embrace, cultivate, hone and tap into your inner guidance. You are gifted in a special way, but like any other “muscle” in your body it must be worked on to get it strengthened. Spend quiet time with yourself, and learn to trust yourself. Others may not understand your reasons for the choices and decisions you make, and that’s okay.

What matters is that you do.

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