Loose Ends

I often think about life as a series of woven cords. Different textures, colors and thickness interlacing one another in random patterns. There are threads which shine with the gleam of good times spent, thick cords indicative of strength displayed during times of endurance, and even whisper fine strands from the times we just barely held on. Somehow all these different elements come together as we weave the fabric of our lives. Vibrant tones, warm colors and dark pieces each so individualized, yet comprised of the same whole.

Life and the tapestry we weave as we move through it has two sides. Often we think of a quilt or blanket as a finished, smooth product. Yet we may look at ourselves and the sum product of our time spent, seeing only the unfinished, raw side. It has bumps and knots where things stopped and started or were ripped and repaired in haste. It may have unfinished edges, and seem disconcerting in a way. The world may say it’s not beautiful enough to display proudly. We must remember that it is still a work in progress.

The loose ends must be attended to. Left unchecked, they can pull the rest of the fabric in an unsightly way. They can cause rips, create unnecessary work and make it even harder to create the finished product we seek. Its not easy to cut certain cords, especially those that have been woven out of habit. Yet, if we continue to try to mend the same tears repeatedly, we weaken the overall quality.

Spend time weaving on the right loom, with the kinds of thread that flow easily into the picture you wish to create. Beautiful thread, faithful thread, quality thread, and thread strong enough to hold you when you dangle. Your spools should be at ready reach, easily accessible and proud to be a part of the fabric of your life, just the way it is. When things unravel, sometimes its best to just let them go. When things snap, it may be prudent to start again in an entirely different section. Not every thread we weave will hold forever, just as no real earthly garment can endure endlessly. Time has its way of sifting, sorting and sometimes even isolating us for a season, so that what we are trying to create becomes clear in our minds eye.

I am not sure how many things or people will be able to fit comfortably underneath my finished product. I suppose I will know the answer when it is completed. I do know that covering another with the fabric of your life should be a thing of beauty, ease and joy, not a painful process. One never knows who may most appreciate the essence of the art, and it may not be those ‘closest to us’ regardless of how hard we try.

Our goal should be to find places that celebrate and proudly display the unfinished, knotted, sometimes gnarled, authentic version of our life woven over time. It may not be the fanciest, or the most luxe, but your covering should only be shared with those who treat it as the magnificent masterpiece that it is. Snuggle up with yourself, and know that you and your seemingly mismatched, unfinished life is destined to become a thing of beauty. Evolving, fluid and fulfilling is what should be. The rest is just a bunch of loose ends.



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