Share the Love

Not feeling well Wednesday morning, I forced myself up and out to deal with the the heavy year-end workload I had waiting for me. A few hours in, I knew something was hitting me like a freight train.

I made my way back home and by 3pm was bundled up, shivering and aching. Covered in heating pads and any blanket I could find, I lay there thinking about work and how these were my last available “vacation” days.

My 14 year young dog, Chester, was delighted to see me but perplexed as to why I had paid him no attention upon my arrival. He diligently followed me to the bathroom and stayed next to the shower door as I ran blisteringly hot water over myself in an attempt to get warm. Once out and tucked into bed, he came up and sat beside me. He just stared at me.

All of a sudden he jumped down from the bed, and then right back up. I leave cookies around for him to nibble on, and he had gotten one. He came over to me and dropped that cookie onto my chest. He looked right at me, and for a moment my eyes teared up. I rubbed him behind his ears to thank him and said “That’s your cookie, you eat it, but I love you so much for giving it to me. You are such a good boy”.

As if he understood me, he ate it right there on the spot. Then he curled up right beside me where he stayed until I could manage to get up to feed him later on. He still has not left my side. What lessons we can learn from animals at times.

If only we as humans could exhibit that kind of spontaneous care, compassion, love and empathy towards one another. Something so simple and so genuine. The key to any gesture? Purity of heart.  All he had was his cookie, and he gave it to me, even though I was unable to offer him anything, including my attention.

He had no angle, no agenda, no quid-pro-quo mentality, no attitude and zero expectation of anything in return. Just love. Perhaps as small children we delight in doing things for no reason, but along the way we adapt to the worlds ways of keeping score. Humans are supposed to be the higher life form. I think we need to re-evaluate the criteria by which we determine “higher”.

Share the love.

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