I’ve been reading a lot about the concept of ‘thinking big’. So many authors and speakers teach the abundance mentality and all of its merits. I’ve seen people with a misunderstanding and misapplication of the process, often spreading themselves out and not zeroing in. The following are over generalized categories of people used for making a point. Those who think small: (I am happy the way things are, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it), those who don’t think much at all: (foot off gas pedal, winding down, status quo) and those who think big: (I want more of everything, plenty for all, and I will attain it).

The first two subsets are what they are, hopefully happy people accepting and enjoying life as it is. Within the third group however, there seems to be some misconception of what it means to truly think on a larger scale. It appears that thinking big is often confused with thinking broad. Broad thinking isn’t a bad thing, it’s a little of this, a smattering of that, creating different revenue streams, options or spheres of influence. It’s practical and goes along with the time tested adage of throwing enough stuff against the wall so that something eventually sticks. It’s how most folks do things in the fast paced world we all seem to exist in, but it doesn’t set anyone apart.

The issue with the “more of everything mentality” is energy being spent in too many directions. With so many balls up in the air at once, no one glove can possibly catch them all as they fall back down. It’s often a scenario of being very busy but lacking in excellence, and is a common element seen today in service businesses, families and organizations everywhere.

It’s almost counterintuitive to approach next level attainment with slowing down and scaling back, but it’s what is needed. No matter how bright the flashlight may be, the range of sight is wide and not focused. It serves its’ purpose at certain times. However, that same light, when narrowed to pin point laser size can burn a hole right through fabric if kept in place long enough. Harnessing the energy produces impactful results. 

Perhaps thinking big is actually about being specific. Finding the first piece and putting the energy and effort needed to build a firm foundation. Then layer upon layer, doing the same with the other parts. Each one is fixed into place, bound by excellence and quality.  The sum total of the parts all tie back to the whole. The whole accurately reflects the individual parts and pieces. It’s like a choreographed dance where each dancer is individual, yet part of one movement. This does require patience, principle, and persistence but not perfection.

Slowing the process down, and staying focused until one area is way above satisfactory before veering off in another direction may be the key to the results we desire. This can be applied to every facet of life. It may be like a slow drip in an instant coffee society, but the finished product is always so much richer and more satisfying.

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