As the holidays roll around, I think about the people who are just not feeling jolly. In fact for some, the season represents many things they are not in tune with all, and may even be isolating or depressing for them.

Although I am always impressed by super happy and intrinsically cheery folks, especially those who seem to wake up naturally in that state, I admit I am not one of them on a daily continuum. It remains a work in progress for me.

Once in a while I feel pressured by the over enthusiastic behavior of others as I wrestle with an internal struggle. Well meaning, they may not see or understand the impact they have on people such as myself, who may be too self-critical. On an off day I may compare myself to them, or dwell on why my reaction to their approach was so different from others.

The takeaway? Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay. My ultimate daily goal is to become a happy and effervescent person, bubbling over with joy. However, I’ve learned to give myself permission on days when I miss the mark. The process of becoming a truly and consistently happy person begins with acceptance of self. Knowing you are fearfully and wonderfully made, even sans a brilliant smile.

For the cheerleaders of the world, I applaud and encourage you! You lift us up and show us a bright light in the dim room we sometimes find ourselves in. Be mindful however, that not everyone shines the same way. When you see us on a less than ideal day, remember it’s okay and so are we!

For those who haven’t picked up their pom poms yet, give yourself permission to be right where you are. Remember that tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of your life, and another chance to burn brightly.

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