As the holidays roll around, I think about the people who are just not feeling jolly. In fact for some, the season represents many things they are not in tune with at all, and may even be isolating or depressing for them.

Although I am always impressed by super happy and cheery folks, especially those who seem to wake up naturally in that state, I admit that sometimes they create pressure for others.

Well meaning, they may not see or understand the impact they have on people who may be too self-critical, or dealing with something weighing heavily on their hearts.

I’ve learned to give myself permission on days when I miss the mark. The process of becoming a truly and consistently happy person begins with acceptance of self, however that may be right now.

When you see others not embracing holiday cheer, please remember it’s okay and so are they.

The gift you can give them is acceptance without the pressure of your expectations around how a person should feel this time of year.

For those who are hurting, may you find healing. Be gentle on yourself, and know that it’s okay to not be okay.

Sending you love, because there are no strangers, only souls who may not have met in the physical yet.

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