Letting Go

I thought about control this morning, and how tightly we as humans cling to what we think we can direct, steer, build, and ultimately take control of. It’s an awful lot of work.

Let me share a fun fact:  November 12, 1990 Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist, published his formal proposal with a Belgium systems engineer named Robert Cailliau for the creation of the World Wide Web and by 1991 the first Web community was opened up. By Spring of 1993 it exploded and, by 2014 almost 2 out of 5 people around the world were using it! Pretty remarkable stuff, and hard to believe it was first met with strong criticism.

The interesting thing about Lee’s mindset was one of relinquishing total control after the concept was established. Since it was designed to be a powerful tool, it’s true potential could only be unleashed if anyone, anywhere, could use it without paying a fee or asking permission. He knew that he needed to expand not only the web itself, but his own mindset as it related to its very path. 

His words prompt me to think about that application in other areas of life, as it relates to letting go: “Had the technology been proprietary, and in my total control, it would not have taken off. You can’t propose that something be a universal space and at the same time keep control of it.”  Tim Berners-Lee

There will come a time, a situation, an idea, a person, a dream, or a desire that manifests in our lives. We will want so badly to take control and steer the course of its destiny, as humans often desire. However, our individual lives are part of that same “universal space” mentioned above, and they are meant to explode! What is part of such a grand space, is not supposed to be solely proprietary.

There are simply things in our lives which we cannot and should not seek to navigate. Relinquishing control can be liberating, freeing and ultimately produce an environment we have never experienced before. In its most exquisite form, this release can make the reality of the situation that much more powerful as it unfolds, expands and takes shape in its own natural order and accord.

It takes a ton of practice, but it is a habit worth creating. I work on it every single day. Learn to let go.

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