The Thundering Herd

Many years ago as a young, impressionable girl lacking in any “formal ” education, I fought my way into one of the prestigious Wall Street firms of that time. I quickly got through the rank and file assistants, pursuing my securities licenses, and doing pretty well for my age. It was a stress filled, high energy environment. Male dominated and ego centric, with an emphasis on most of the things in life that don’t really matter in the end, it often left me drained.

Not much has changed, and I’m still in the midst of it. Although things are calmer than in the 80’s and 90’s, it’s still fueled by a strong sense of urgency.  I often think about the pride I felt being part of “The Thundering Herd” as my old firm coined itself.  Images of the big bull, it’s head down and leg up in a forward and aggressive stance come into my minds eye.

Although no longer with that company, the herd mentality seems to be industry, and culturally relevant. It’s very easy to be caught up in getting things accomplished at the speed of sound. More begets the need for more. The pace of life and business is frenzied. Time management and efficiency are the standards by which we measure ourselves and others. We are all still stampeding forward, kicking up dust as we go. Inertia and adrenaline carry the momentum when our bodies attempt to slow down.

My thoughts have evolved over the years. Flavored with wisdom and age, I find myself unwilling to keep up with the worlds pace car. What if I just rise above the herd? Step to the side, stand out, and let the masses pass?  Will I lose my power and strength? The answer is a resounding NO! I believe I will gain it.

As I take small, daily steps to extract myself from the environment I have spent many years steeped in, I can almost feel the vibration as the herd runs toward and past me. My red cape waves as each bull charges right by me. Clarity comes and my determination rises up. My own head down, not in weakness, but readiness. Prepared to charge forward apart from the herd with strength, resiliency and uniqueness.

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