The Replay

Why I love the replay:

People come into our lives for one of three things: A reason, a season, or a lifetime. In a seemingly random occurrence, there is little randomness at play. Within the experience is something for us to learn, to receive, to feel, to pass on. Like fruit on the vine waiting to be picked, some may be sweet, some bland and some may even be bitter, but it IS there for the taking.

The problem occurs when the mind tries to do the work of the spirit; it wraps a human experience around a spiritually ordained process. This creates chaos, confusion and uncertainty in the mind, detracting from the message, lesson or moment. Perhaps even leaving us to lick superficial “wounds” which were self-inflicted.

It’s never too late to roll the videotape!  When the first baseman missteps, over throws, or lacks speed and direction, he can look back at the tape and concentrate on watching his own form to see what he can do better the next time.

Simply watching the ball bounce across the field is nothing short of self-torture, like the mind replaying only the outcome. However, the form with which we throw or receive the ball, and the stance we take at our own plates is a blueprint for improvement.  That is where we need to focus our attention on the replay, just like the first baseman.

The mind and heart are wonderful things, but they can bounce uncontrollably when allowed to do so just like that baseball.  In contrast, the spirit simply absorbs, adapts and grows, as that is all it is here to do.

Focus on the spirit. It’s easier said than done at times, especially where thirsty souls are concerned, I know. But, take heart in knowing the replay is there for you, in your mind’s eye, if you know which parts of the tape are WORTH viewing.

Play ball!

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